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Being an independent traveller, you are often going off the beaten track to discover new cultures and sights rarely talked about amongst the average holiday maker. However, the more successful adventures require a lot of research to ensure you get the full authentic experience from your discovery trips.

Wanderlust is a magazine for the active, adventurous and independent-minded travellers and is proud to present a series of trip planners packed full of useful advice on how to get the most out of your holiday. You will find that the locations we write about are rarely written about; it will be hard to find as much content as our Wanderlust articles provide elsewhere.

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Penguins, bergs, ice and silence: the White Continent remains the most extraordinary destination on earth. As the options for travellers grow, we help you chart a course due south.

Asia's Best Beaches

There are loads of lovely places to just flop on the sand – but where’s the fun in that? This free download reveals the 22 South-East Asian beaches that offer a bucket load of adventure...

Back to Nepal

Shaken but still stirring: Nepal was hit hard by the 2015 earthquake but remains astonishing. Make this the year you explore its peaks, parks and heritage sites. 

Australia by Rail

For a country almost the size of Europe, Australia has few railways – but it also offers some of the world's greatest train journeys. Hop aboard, mate!


Lush with jungle, riddled with rivers, bursting with wildlife and rich in culture-filled thrills, this South-East Asian isle is the place for those Born(eo) to be wild!

Isles of Scilly 

In this Isles of Scilly trip planner, we discover coral-fringed reefs and flirtatious seals off the Cornish coast.


It's the most accessible hit of exotica, with everything from Saharan dunes to high peaks to manic medinas. Here's how to get the most out of marvellous Morocco.

Safari Special 

The safari is one of travel's greatest experiences, but what's the best way for you to do it? By foot? By boat? By hoof? Do you want to get closer? Or higher? Or work up a sweat along the way? Read our expert guide to discover the different ways to tour the wildest show on earth.

South America 

Whether you want to hike the Andes, self-drive Brazil, delve into the Guianas or take the train to Machu Picchu, these eight journeys will inspire a Latin adventure.

South East Asia 

That's right: four countries in a fortnight is possible. Here's how to get a worthwhile taste of Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam in one budget trip.


It's the worlds greatest train journey. But how do you know which route to choose? Or which stations to stop at? Use our guide to plan the ride of your life...

20 Mysteries Worth Travelling 

Your guide to the most baffling, beguiling and down-right bizarre places in the world, from the Easter Island heads, to Peru's Nazca Lines, Turkey's Gobekli Tepe and more.

20 Wild Irish Adventures 

Kayaking, cycling, hiking, whale-watching, surfing – Ireland's four provinces make a spectacular playground and here we've go 20 breaks that will get your heart pumping.

50 New Trips

Stuck in a travel rut? Need some inspiration for your next trip? Then look no further: we've uncovered the very best new adventures, from Armenia to Zimbabwe, and everywhere in between.


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